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Grow. Cook. Eat. Share: A Memoir

The Jantzen family’s homesteading journey has proved equal parts headache, humour and heartache—confesses Caran in her honest memoir.


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About The Author

Caran Jantzen

Caran Jantzen, her husband and their four kids live on a small homestead in Southwestern British Columbia. When not working around their homestead or on her laptop, Caran can be found relaxing with a good book, or entertaining family and friends with her husband while serving up their homegrown food.

“I love your stories! The wasp stings... the loud pig squeals... the show and tell. It's all very visceral and natural.”


“This is a beautiful book with lovely full-color pictures, recipes your grandmother would pass on to you, and funny and stories from around the farm. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to know more about growing their own food, and interested in learning ways of old.”


“I have a copy of this. It has cute short stories of some situations the writer and her family have encountered while trying to grow their hobby farm in western Canada. It has a “chicken soup for the soul” style to it.”


“This book was delivered today and I cannot put it down. Everyone should consider buying this book. It shares insightful recipes, expert gardening tips, as well as their journey from city living to homesteading!”


“This book is well written. The writer brings you along with the development of her homestead. Colorful pictures, and recipes all bring the reader into her life. If you are looking into starting a homestead this is the book for you.”


Grow. Cook. Eat. Share: A Memoir

Grow. Cook. Eat. Share. A Memoir.

Our story begins five years ago, when my husband and I, and our four little sprouts, move from suburbia to an acreage on the outskirts of town. By fall, we have secured forty chickens; by the following spring we have added a couple of bacon makers and a few adorable miniature goats, to which our oldest sprout replies, “now that we have three kinds of animals, we’re a real farm!” Our story continues as we welcome the birth of our first goat kids, taste fresh tomatoes, blueberries and carrots from our garden, purchase a peacock, and gather blue, brown, white and green coloured eggs from our pastured laying hens.

It’s idyllic, but it’s hasn’t been without its challenges. We’ve experienced the loss of chickens, cats, and even goats to coyotes. We’ve struggled to find the time to care for our small scale farm while my husband works off-site full time, and I care for our four young sprouts. We have certainly asked ourselves “why?” as many of our friends and family ask us as well.

As difficult as these challenges have been, we are deeply connected to our homestead and the lifestyle we have created for ourselves and our sprouts. We have learned to value the land and animals God created in a more meaningful way, as we work the soil and tend to the animals which will one day nourish our family and community; and we have learned lessons in patience, perseverance, and contentment as we have slowed our pace and stretched out our roots into this plot of land we are blessed to call home.

“Homesteading is not for the faint of heart, although I have felt faint of heart often since homesteading. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. Although falling into bed after a long day of outdoor labouring or indoor jam making has its appeal, to do this daily requires more than an acreage and a yearning for the country life. It demands equal parts grit and romance–seeing through both the sweat of my brow and through rose-colored glasses. I am still trying to decide if I have what it takes.”

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Grow. Cook. Eat. Share: A Memoir is conveniently available for purchase at House of James, Homestead Press, The Happy Homesteader, and Amazon.

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Purchase online for shipping to your door!

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